Program Area

The Program Area consists of the Improved and Unimproved Properties on, or abutting to any of the streets below, which streets are also depicted on the aerial map on page 8 in the handbook.

Commercial property and places of worship within the Program Area do not form part of the Program. Commercial property owners and religious leaders may approach Sasol outside of the Program to request Sasol to consider the purchase of their properties by contacting a CIC representative at the Information Center. Sasol will consider such requests from commercial property owners or religious leaders on a case-by-case basis.

Properties on, or abutting to, the streets below form part of the Program Area:

  • all of
    Benjamin Street;   Ferndale Drive;
      Pattie Moss Road;
    Braxton Lane;   Fisher Street;   Perkins Avenue;
    Brentwood Drive;   Harvey Miller Road;   Prince Street;
    Cedar Street;   J Clophus (Reynaud Road);   Princess Street;
    Charles Avenue;   Junius Road;   Pryor Street;
    Church Street;   King Street;   Queen Street;
    Duke Street;   Lyons Avenue;   Reeves Avenue;
    Duchess Street;   Mary Street;   Smith Road;
    Earl Street;   Moss Avenue;   Venable Drive;
    Edna Hardy Lane;   Murrell Road;   Wallace Road; and
    Edwards Street;   Ora Street;   Water Tower Road.
    Fairmont Drive;   Park Street;    
  • all of Prater Road from the Union Pacific Rail Road going north to Old Spanish Trail;
  • all of the south side of Old Spanish Trail from Goodley Road to 3702 Old Spanish Trail. All of the north side of Old Spanish Trail from 3345 Old Spanish Trail to 3701 Old Spanish Trail;
  • all of Evergreen Road from Old Spanish Trail to 2282 Evergreen Road and then from 2732 to 2788 Evergreen Road;
  • Independence Road from 2705 Independence Road to Houston River Road;
  • the south side of Houston River Road from 3919 Houston River Road to, and including, the west side of Evergreen Road;
  • Coach Williams Drive north of 905 Coach Williams Road;
  • Goodley Road from 3408 to the end of the road;
  • and the east side of Bryant Street.

The Program Area as described in the Handbook on page 7 is also depicted on the aerial map below:

Sasol may at any time, at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate the Program or expand, reduce or modify the Program Area, without liability. Of course, Sasol will honor the terms of any signed Purchase and Sale Agreements and outstanding Offers made by Sasol prior to such change.



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Sasol appointed Community Interaction Consulting, Inc. to administer the Voluntary Property Purchase Program. This Program is entirely voluntary.