Tenants - steps for participating in the program

Participation in the Program is entirely voluntary. The Program available for a Tenant is explained in the three
steps described in figure 2 below. If you have any questions regarding these steps or what is required from you to participate in the Program, please contact a CIC representative at the Information Center and/ or refer to the Q & A in the Handbook on pages 21 to 26.

step 1: Determining if you are eligible

First, you need to determine whether you are eligible to participate in the Program. You are eligible to participate in the Program if you, as of July 12, 2013, were a Tenant and you continue to be a Tenant of the Property and your landlord participates in the Program.

A Tenant is defined as “a person or persons named as (a) Tenant(s) in a lease that actively and consistently rent(s) and reside(s) in a Rental Property and for whom the said residence is his/her or their primary residence as of July 12, 2013, and does not include any persons or family members occupying the Property who are not named as a Tenant in the lease.”

The Program Benefits that are applicable to Tenants are described on pages 16 to 20 in the Handbook.

step 2: Registering your interest in the Program

If you are a Tenant, the second step to participating in the Program is to contact a CIC representative at the Information Office and register your interest in participating in the Program by completing and submitting the Renters Benefits Request Form on page 33 in the Handbook before December 4, 2013.

Submitting a Renters Benefits Request Form does not guarantee that you will qualify for the Program Benefits available to Tenants under the Program. Your landlord, as Property Owner must have committed to sell the Property you are renting in the Program Area to Sasol before you will be eligible to participate in the Program and/ or receive any of the Program Benefits applicable to Tenants.

If you register your interest in participating in the Program and submit the Renter Benefits Request Form before October 4, 2013 you will be in a position to qualify for an Early Sign-Up Bonus of $1,000 that will be payable upon Closing. If a Closing between Sasol and your landlord (the Property Owner) is not achieved for any reason, the Early Sign-Up Bonus will not be paid out.

You will be required to provide the following documentation as part of your request to qualify for the Program Benefits available to a Tenant under the Program:

  • current government issued picture identification like a current driver’s license, passport, or Louisiana State Identification Card; and
  • documents to verify residency, such as (i) a lease for the Rental Property, or (ii) copies of canceled rent payment checks for the months of June and July 2013, and/or (iii) copies of utility payment statements covering the months of June and July 2013 that identify the Rental Property by address.

step 3: Vacating the Property and Closing

At Closing you will become entitled to the Program Benefits available to Tenants if:

  • your landlord (the Property Owner) has accepted an Offer from Sasol and has entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement with Sasol for the Rental Property occupied by you; and
  • Sasol is satisfied that the Property Owner can transfer insurable title to the Property; and
  • you and the Property Owner have executed an agreement that your lease has been terminated and all matters between you and the landlord are settled; and
  • you have executed a release agreement with Sasol for the acceptance of the Program Benefits available to you under the Program and all conditions contained in such agreement have been fulfilled to the satisfaction of Sasol; and
  • you provide proof to Sasol and CIC that you and any co-occupants and family members residing with you have vacated the residence and your new residence is outside of the Program Area.


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Sasol appointed Community Interaction Consulting, Inc. to administer the Voluntary Property Purchase Program. This Program is entirely voluntary.