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In order to relocate has Sasol taken into consideration what/how much it will take to do so?
The Program provides a Miscellaneous Expense Allowance of $8,000 for an Owner Occupant and $4,000 for a Tenant.
Why is Sasol offering this Program when previously other sales were negotiated individually?
Instead of negotiating a sale price for each property, each offer price is established in the same manner by utilizing appraisals and a formula plus other bonuses and allowances. Sasol purchased property needed for the facility site by negotiating individually. The purpose of the VPPP program is not for property acquisition, it is to allow individuals who wish to move the opportunity to do so.
Why did Sasol stop the Program where they did on Evergreen?
The VPPP program used the historical boundaries of the historic Mossville Community as a basis for the purchase program.
How can I speak directly with a Sasol representative?
A Sasol representative is available by appointment at the Information Center located at 3301 Old Spanish Trail Westlake, LA 70669. Call the Information Center at 337 310 8200 to set up an individual or group meeting.
What will happen to the surrounding area of properties that do not sell?
Sasol will continue to be a good neighbor to any person(s) that do not take advantage of the Program
If homeowners choose not to sell, will the homes have better security?
Security for the area is the responsibility of the parish. Sasol will work with the homeowners and the parish on issues such as security.
How does a property owner handle a stocked pond under the site clearance?
The site clearance procedures does not require a property owner to do anything to a pond on their property.
What happens if a homeowner cannot find a comparable home in a timely fashion?
In some cases due to family hardships, it may take some families longer than six (6) months to secure alternative housing. Sasol is willing to extend the period to close a sale if the owner occupant is demonstrating a good-faith effort to obtain alternative housing.
What happens if an alternative home costs more than the Sasol offer?
The program participant is no different than any prospective buyer in the market place and has to find an alternative home that fits their budget.
If a person owns, but does not occupy a home in the program area and does not own the land will Sasol move the home?
The Program does not cover a person that owns only the improvements on the property. When the owner of the improvement is not the owner of the property then Sasol will appraise the property as-is. The appraiser will provide an appraised price for just the land without the improvements. It is the responsibility of the property owner to settle all matters between the property owner and the improvement owner provide, Sasol documentation that all matters have been settled, and how the sale proceeds are to be distributed. The property owner would be eligible for the clear site bonus and would be responsible for cooperating with the improvement owner in removing the improvements from the land.
What if all the co-owners of a property do not want to sell?
The Program requires that all owners of the property agree to sell the property. Sasol will not purchase less than 100% of the interest in the property.
When should property owners begin the title work to clear up the successions with the approved attorney? If the property owner rejects the offer or opts out of the Program, who pays the title work fee to the attorney?
The Curative Title Work Allowance is not available until the property owner(s) has agreed to sell the property to Sasol. If a property owner initiates curative title work prior to accepting the offer and does not accept the offer then the property owner is responsible for the curative title work expense.
What has Sasol decided to do about mineral rights?
Sasol will not ask for mineral rights.
I was told that the minimum offer price for an owner occupied home was $160,000.
The minimum offer price for an owner occupant property is $100,000 plus a premium of 60% of the average appraised price.
When will offers be ready?
the first offer was made on October 2, 2013.
Sasol will pay up to $5,000 toward certain closing costs for my new home and I am closing on my new home in two weeks. Will Sasol give me a check to take to the closing?
The closing Cost Assistance Allowance for an owner occupant is available after the property owner has accepted the offer and Sasol has determined that the owner has acceptable title to your program area property. If you close on a new home prior to accepting Sasol’s offer for your program area property then you will have to pay the closing cost yourself and seek reimbursement from Sasol once you have accepted the offer and Sasol has determined that you have acceptable title.
$15,000.00 may be not enough to clear my property. I have metal buildings and equipment for my business on my property. Is Sasol going to give me more for my clear site?
The clear site bonus is intended to cover the clearing of residential property, not for business property. The maximum clear site bonus for the residential property is $15,000.00. The clear site bonus is based on the structures on the property, not contents. The Miscellaneous Expense Allowance for residential property is intended to cover other expenses associated with relocating.


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Sasol appointed Community Interaction Consulting, Inc. to administer the Voluntary Property Purchase Program. This Program is entirely voluntary.